We are located at the beach and sell unique gemstone items such as pendants, eggs, bracelets and wands that you can wear, carry with you, or put on your desk or small table at home to enjoy. Other items will be added in the future. Our inventory is always expanding, so if you do not see something here that you would like to have, please use the contact page and let us know how we can help you.

Our most popular item is a tumbled gemstone set that we create for your specific needs. Each stone is hand selected and every set of stones comes in a coloful organza bag. Each bag contains five gemstones, but you can always order more.

Many people like to carry their stones with them as they go about their daily routine, because they help them to feel more energized and focused. We have also received customer feedback that these stones help you to remain calm in stressful situations, so there are many positive benefits to having them.

All items are made from natural gemstones. They are not color treated in any way unless otherwise specified.

Payment for all items can be made with either PayPal or Cash App, whichever one you prefer.
To create a PayPal account, click on this link to go to Google Play Store > Download PayPal.
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